Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why would the news mis-report the Zeta shooting's location?

On November 21, at 1:30PM in Houston, there was a shoot out in Houston Texas.

Reportedly, it was several vehicles of the Zeta cartel ambushing a drug shipment as it moved through Houston streets.

The media reported the incident happened in the 13400 block of Hollister near Blue Creek Ranch Drive.

The pictures show the truck at the other end of Hollister, near Champions Trace Ln, about 2.2 miles north of the reported location.

How very strange that is.
The NFL is strictly enforcing their Helpless Victim zones now.

Evidently more and more stadiums are introducing wanding to back up the pat downs and bag searches.

Tens of thousands of unarmed people, all kept in a location with limited avenues for egress.  Sounds like a hell of a target to me.

And that's ignoring the whole "Might makes Right" aspect of taking away tools from the populace at large.

We sure seem to be moving in a strange direction these days.